Ultimate Pub Crawl

From €16.00 per person

Ultimate Pub Crawl

Every Day @ 20:30

The future of Pub Crawling is here!

You may have heard about the famous ruin bars of Budapest, but have you heard about their most popular traveller's bar, cocktail bars, karaoke spots and craft beer bars? There's even a bar with bowling alleys and shuffleboards to keep you busy while you drink! On this epic nightlife tour, you will discover so much more than the guide books tell you. Discover the hidden gems of the Budapest nightlife scene while having a great time with new and old friends, playing drinking games and tasting local specialties, while our party guides keep things running smoothly without any issues.

What sets this ultimate party pub crawl apart from other crawls in the city?

Firstly, every night we run a different route, visiting a different selection of bars to make sure each night's pub crawl is a unique experience. There will always be at least ONE ruin pub in the mix - the rest is a surprise! The second difference is that, unlike other pub crawls, we don't hassle you to leave the bar you're at and follow the group to the next location. If you want to stay longer and finish your drink, or keep chatting to the hottie you just met, just hang back and wait for the next group to leave the bar!

Our guides will meet you at the starting point and, if you were smart enough to get the unlimited drinks package, give you a cup to fill with your favourite poison, in unlimited amounts, for an entire hour! You'll also get an informational card with a few warm-up challenges to get you mixing and mingling with your new buddies for the night - complete them all and win a free souvenir to take home! Once you've had your fill of drinks at the open bar, it's time to head off to the next location…

Some things to be aware of:

Due to restrictions on large groups travelling together late at night in the inner 7th district (also known as the party district), we will be splitting into groups of 15 people, spaced 5 minutes apart, when moving from one bar to the next.

If you would prefer to have a more classic pub crawl experience, where you can be a part of a moving group of party-goers and are guided every step of the way, check out Bingo Bar Crawl - the most sociable pub crawl in the city! This crawl only visits bars that are off the beaten track of the party district, so it isn't affected by the 7th district laws restricting pub crawl movement. It's also a pretty wild night, famous for the wacky challenges that guests complete all night long to win free T-shirts, Budapest Boat Party tickets and more!

Come and join us either way for an epic night, and experience the best pub crawl of your life!

What you get

5 star rating image mx-3 Meeting time 21:30

5 star rating image mx-3 Meeting Point: Ruin Brew

5 star rating image mx-3 Optional Power Hour from €15

5 star rating image mx-3 Visit 3 awesome local bars

5 star rating image mx-3 Free shots at each bar

5 star rating image mx-3 End at Instant-Fogas Club

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Andrea F


Fantastic events, superb atmosphere, gorgeous views of Budapest, while enjoying 2-3-4 different types of music on the dancefloors of the awesome boats, great cocktails and the most brilliant, friendly and fun staff I've ever met. Would recommend checking them out from the bottom of my heart. Rock on Budapest Boat Party!

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Lauren D

United States

So much fun and one of my highlights of visiting Budapest! The views from the boat are absolutely stunning - everything on the river is lit up. The drinks were flowing and the DJ was awesome, everyone got loose and danced on the open top deck. The boat crew were super helpful and friendly as well, and there was even a free glitter stand! Would actually pay to do it again it was so much fun.

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Brad H

United Kingdom

If I could go on this boat party every night for the rest of my life I seriously would. You meet the most amazing people, see the sickest sites with dope professional photographers, and will have of the drunkest nights you won’t remember. The staff is so happy and helpful the entire time and the after party is awesome!!! I cannot recommend this night/company enough!!