Sziget Bus Party

Sziget Bus Party

Pioneered by the Budapest Party Hostels and beloved by all who have joined this wild ride to freedom, the Sziget Party Buses are back this summer, welcoming all festival-goers looking to get the party started early without paying exorbitant festival prices for drinks!

Get your drink on at our meet-up bar, then hop on a pimped-out party bus with a full party sound system that will take you directly to the back door of the festival. Because there's no better way to start your day on the island than with dozens of new friends on the most bad-ass party mobile in town!

Ladies and gentlefolk who like to glam up can arrive early to our meeting point at Hoff House and make full use of the make-up & glitter station, where dozens of shades of eye shadow, glitter and gemstones will be at your disposal to help you get that luscious festival look.

And of course, what party bus would be complete without water guns filled with vodka and ice-cold roadies to keep you quenched and cool along the way? You'll be getting all of this and more... just bring a full heart and a thirst for good times, we've got the rest covered.

Feeling extra-thirsty? Add a power hour to your ticket and make sure to arrive to Hoff House by 1PM to enjoy 90 minutes of unlimited drinksfor only 13EUR more! And because hydration and nourishment is undeniably important before a big day raging in the sun, not only will there be ice-cold water on tap for all who ask for it, but the kitchen will be serving up discounted cheese toasties for eat-in and takeaway.

With all the essentials covered, all this party needs now is YOU and that big, silly smile to make it complete.

FAIR WARNING: Festival blues and fatigue get worse throughout the week, leading to a thing we like to call the CBA effect. We reserve the right to delay the departure times of the bus by up to 1 hour in the last 2 days of the festival based on popular demand!

What you get

5 star rating image mx-3 12:00 - Hoff House opens, make-up & glitter station ready to go

5 star rating image mx-3 13:00 - Power hour starts (90 minutes unlimited drinks)

5 star rating image mx-3 14:30 - Last call for drinks

5 star rating image mx-3 15:00 - Party Bus leaves from Opera House

5 star rating image mx-3 15:35 - Drop-off at Sziget festival

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5 star rating image5 star rating image5 star rating image5 star rating image5 star rating image

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Andrea F


Fantastic events, superb atmosphere, gorgeous views of Budapest, while enjoying 2-3-4 different types of music on the dancefloors of the awesome boats, great cocktails and the most brilliant, friendly and fun staff I've ever met. Would recommend checking them out from the bottom of my heart. Rock on Budapest Boat Party!

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Lauren D

United States

So much fun and one of my highlights of visiting Budapest! The views from the boat are absolutely stunning - everything on the river is lit up. The drinks were flowing and the DJ was awesome, everyone got loose and danced on the open top deck. The boat crew were super helpful and friendly as well, and there was even a free glitter stand! Would actually pay to do it again it was so much fun.

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Brad H

United Kingdom

If I could go on this boat party every night for the rest of my life I seriously would. You meet the most amazing people, see the sickest sites with dope professional photographers, and will have of the drunkest nights you won’t remember. The staff is so happy and helpful the entire time and the after party is awesome!!! I cannot recommend this night/company enough!!