The Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest


Budapest offers everyone something – from hen and stag do’s to the Budapest Boat Party to the world famous Sparty – but more than anything, it offers beauty.

Absolutely packed with picturesque sights, making a top ten list of the most Instagram worthy sites in Budapest is definitely challenging. Thankfully, our old staff member Kiev is on the job!



Hero’s Square (Hősök tere in its native Hungarian), is the terminus of the glittering Andrassy Avenue, receiving those who make the trek via foot or the M1 (the oldest metro on the continent) with open arms. Sculptures of the seven original Magyar chieftains flank a column supporting the Archangel Gabriel and both are surrounded by both historic and mythological figures atop white stone colonnades. A beautiful place to show the history of Budapest, Hero’s Square is definitely a place that you should capture for your Instafans!

Photo: @ritagvgraf



While in the neighborhood, you might as well take a dip in the beautiful Szechenyi Thermal Baths, a Neo-Baroque palace where you can dip your toes in some warm and healing geo-thermal waters. Head to the baths to recover after a night out (especially on the Party Bus!) For those of you ready to have a waterfall of fun, get your IG photos during the Sparty, one of Europe’s (if not the!) largest Spa Parties. Most Saturday nights, you can get your bath and your dance on with some amazing photos of bubbles, lasers, and hot guys and gals! You will definitely want to put your story up while here (and of course, you’ll need a picture of Hero’s Square at night!

Photo: @isabelleelorette


Located between Kiraly utca and Andrassy ut, Nagymezo is a wonderful green area lined with stunning building, fantastic restaurants, and one of the cutest and most romantic things to do. Known as the “Broadway” of Budapest for its collection of movie and opera houses, shops and a stretch of beautiful greenery you can hide and photo-op in. Don’t forget to get a snap of the Franz Lizst Academy of Music by Kiraly, especially its over the top entry!

Photo: @esti_kornel_zsoma

7 – NYUGATI PAULYUDVAR (Train Station)

It would be difficult to argue that the Eiffel Tower in Paris is not one of the most romantic places in Europe, so we will just agree with you and throw in a quick fact: Nyugati train station was designed and built by the Eiffel Company, the same company that established the Eiffel Tower, the U.S. Statue of Liberty, and the Louvre Pyramid! For that straight up 1,000 likes post, get someone to take a distance shot of you at the tracks, with the sun setting behind you (just be patient with the backpacker’s and traveler’s!). Lads – make sure you aim high from low to get that shot for the girls!

Photo: @b_chie



Definitely one of the most mentioned landmarks in Budapest, the Ferris Wheel is the crown of both Deak Ferenc Ter and the V district; its lights and carriages one of the most defining portions of the city skyline. Even more spectacular (for those of you brave enough), is the view from the very top of the wheel. The sights from the top of the Ferris Wheel are unparalleled, and for those with steady hands, the pano shot is straight up gold!

Photo: @hilla_azulay1695


Although the Chain Bridge gets all of the mentions, the Liberty Bridge stretching between Fovam and Szent Gellert Ter is definitely #1 with the locals. The only bridge with comfortable sitting areas (mainly on the massive trusses that support the bridge), you can find people adorning it most weather. If you are lucky, get a shot of summer time thunder storms rolling their way south alone the Danube from this bridge, or one of the iconic shots from in front and centered (where the tram lines are, please don’t get run over!) on the Fovam Ter side.

Photo: @maria.cille


Another landmark situated at a bridge, the Gellerg-hegyi Vizeses is a beautiful waterfall that skims down the rocky face of Gellert Hill. You can find it on the Buda side of the Elizabeth bridge at Dobrentei Ter – several trams and buses go there. You’ll definitely pass it if you take a Citadel tour! A great walk and a fun time taking pictures starts here and works its way up to…

Photo: @anna_bavv


Since you’ll be in the neighborhood anyway getting some beautiful pictures of the fountain, climb up to the top of Gellert Hill (or take the PartyBookers Party Bus) and get the beautiful, panoramic views of Pest from this iconic mount. Affixed with the Liberty Statue in commemoration of all the lives that have been lost fighting for Hungary’s independence and survival, unrivaled shots of the fifth and ninth districts are possible from here.

Photo: @carolteston



Known in Hungarian as the Halászbástya, this awe-inspiring structure is built in the Neo-Romanesque style along the top of Castle Hill, sharing space with both the former castle and the residential area of the I district. A must of the “what to do in Budapest”, the Bastion was built at the turn of the 19th century and named after the section protected and defended by Hungarian fisherman, the Bastion is full of stairs, nooks and crannies, and hands down the best sunset views in the entire city. During the right time of year, you can watch the sky fade from star studded velvet night in the north to sweeping clouds of pink and green along the south. A must have thing to do before you head out on your Bingo Bar Crawl or nightlife entertainment.

Photo: @_patg 



See – the only problem is with Budapest is that it’s bisected by this big, beautiful river, spanned by seven bridges, and makes you go all googly eyed trying to take everything. However – there is only one thing is guaranteed to make you stutter, give you butterflies in your stomach, and take your breath away.

Photo: @slammbert

That my dear traveler’s and backpackers and guys and girls, is paired up with one of Budapest’s main nightlife activities – the Budapest Boat Party. And that Instagramable sweet spot is the view of Parliament from the middle of the river. Unrivaled, the Hungarian National Parliament is a  Neo-gothic crown jewel of Hungary, the Parliament turns into a golden fairy-tale dream after sunset, surrounded by flocks of birds, and makes the absolute best stunner of a photo op for those coming to Budapest.

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