The Coolest Rooftop Bars in Budapest

MONDAY, MAY 14, 2018

A deliberate lack of ugly skyscrapers means Budapest is a city with an awesome view, whether you take it in from the relative flats of the Pest side of the city, or from up in the hills of Buda. And, drinking with a view - what beats that?

Nothing, frankly, so we’re not even going to waste time trying to answer that question. Instead, we’re going to give you the hot take on all of Budapest’s coolest rooftop bars.

360 Bar

360 Bar was one of the first places to get really popular, nestled on top of a nondescript office building close to Oktogon and with fantastic all-round views allowing you to gawk at such charming spots as the Opera House, St Stephen’s Basilica, and even across the river to Gellert Hill.


Go early - because table space is hard to come by - and then settle down for a cocktail or three, and something tasty from the full-service kitchen they have set up there. And, originally a summer-only place, don’t despair if you arrive in winter, because they now build cool looking igloo things with stove heaters, so you can enjoy the view no matter how arctic the weather is.

Corvin Club

Corvin Club sits atop a rather awesome club of the same name, known for its techno nights, as well as it’s nostalgic landfill-indie parties. Arrive in summer, but outside the weekend, though, and the place to be is upstairs on the roof, chilling with your friends. The view isn’t as good as some of the other spots - but it doesn’t get better than sunset with a beer in hand, does it?


Also cool, they host regular outdoor film screenings in summer- so if deckchairs and something by Wes Anderson is your thing, have at it.


Liebling is known as Budapest’s ‘hidden’ rooftop bar, which we guess is their nice way of saying it comes sans the view. It’s not the whole bar either, really it’s just the terrace of a much bigger bar downstairs.


But, this place is located in the same complex as Fogashaz and Instant, two of the coolest night spots in town, so we’re including it in this list because you might want to arrive earlier in the day, get warmed up and then waltz right into the club, avoiding the queues that will have amassed outside.


This place is also known for live concerts, particularly form up and coming artists looking for new fans - so maybe supporting them can be your good deed for the day.

High Note Sky Bar

For the high flyers amongst you, High Note Sky Bar is the place to see and be seen. Built above the fancy Aria Hotel, it has comfy couches on which you can enjoy 360-degree views of St Stephen’s Basilica and beyond.


Cocktails is what this place does well and it’s definitely a smart casual sort of affair. Perfect if you’ve met that special lad or lady on Tinder and you want to take them somewhere that will impress them.


Does the deck of a ship really count as a ‘rooftop’ bar? We’re not really sure on that, but screw it, because A38 is a must-see spot. Previously a Ukrainian steamer, it’s now a nightclub, concert venue, restaurant and deck top bar with sweeping views down the Danube and across both banks.


Head there when there is an event, or just in the daytime for a bite to eat and a beer - you won’t be disappointed, even though the thing doesn’t actually sail anywhere.

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