A Guide to Budapest's Burger Chains


Travelling the world reveals all new cultures, sights, experiences, and, quite importantly to some – new food. But sometimes you just need a basic and filling meal that will keep you satisfied while exploring the city.

Occasionally, as you’re leaving the nest and backpacking country to country, food is not the easiest to come by, or you can’t find exactly what you want. Maybe you’ve just arrived in Budapest after a 9 hour bus from Poland, new to the city, and just wanting a quick fix to ease starvation. The best way to ease the stress is to turn to a globally safe food – hamburgers. Even better, I’ve done the hard work and compiled a list of burger joints that have a chain around Budapest’s seventh district - known for ruins bars, clubs and food- to save stress and have a good chance of you finding them. So read up and fill up on these great burger joints.

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Zing Burger

Zing Burger

This fun joint is the second most common around Budapest’s city centre and offers some great flavoured burgers. Ranging from a safe cheeseburger-like option to spicy mexican influenced burgers, Zing Burger has a small range that can please anyone in your party or stag do. If burgers aren’t quite what your craving, they also have a range of sandwiches and snacks.


My personal favourite is the BBQ Burger - it is saucy, delicious medium cooked meat with a slice of melted cheese without being overly greasy. Ideal for a backpacker needing some energy. The fries at Zing Burger are also a hit - being crunchy on the outside and tend to be well cooked, thin fries. The seasoning is well distributed and tasty - for me a vital aspect (I love my fries).


If you’re feeling extra freaky, or maybe the long train ride has left your stomach rumbling, the Guitar Hero Burger is definitely gonna fill you up. Be careful though, my shirt is still stained from drunkenly biting into this double patty, double cheese delight and forgetting about all the juices and sauces that ran down the front - totally worth it, and didn’t require fries.


Smokey BBQ - 1490 HUF

Guitar Hero - 1950 HUF


Fries - 380 HUF


Recommended: As a dinner or lunch for backpackers, weekend travellers, and groups before a party.

Deep Burger

Deep Burger

This chain is definitely the most common and distinguished by the yellow and red neon signs. If you’re wandering around drunk looking for a feed, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself here, potentially with a hungry hen and bridesmaid. Much like Zing Burger, Deep Burger offers a range of snacks and drinks to accompany your burger. Similarly, their burgers cover the standard range of vegetarian, bbq, Mexican burgers and so on, though their slightly larger range includes a juicy pulled pork burger. However, from my personal experience, the consistency of burger and chip quality varies greatly day-to-day and between different stores, with a lucky draw on if your chips will be crisp, overcooked, cold or flavoured. The one thing I note about the burgers is they are juicy, and very greasy (the fatty, drippy kind) - so if you don’t mind the burgers being messier than the stag on a saturday afternoon, you’ll be satisfied.


BBQ Burger - 1790 HUF

Johnny Pulled Pork Burger - 1690 HUF


Fries - 200 HUF


Recommended: As a party food between bars to help the drunkenness as it is open till late in the night, and great for big groups wanting a greasy meal. Normally found around ruin bars (Make sure napkins are handy, I’m  not lying about the grease).

Bamba Marha

Bamba Marha

With a website stating it is ‘The Best Burgers in Budapest’, it can always make people doubt. But Bamba Marha have provided some of the best burgers I have had in this crazy place and can definitely push for a visit to one of their four joints around the city.


The range of flavours is most unique with these burgers, and the menu varies slightly from store to store and with special monthly burgers as well. From the Elvis Burger hosting peanut butter and banana, to the Hellfire Burger hosting Spirit of Attila chili sauce. Bamba Marha’s burger range will explode in your mouth. While also offering snacks and bites on the side, they offer a variety of chip choices, onion rings and a home-made drink and sauce to accompany your burger. While typically more expensive than the other burgers - the price difference is slight and well worth the meal.


Though I loved the Double Bacon Burger, I find the Big Kahuna was a nice treat, with a pleasantly surprising mix of grilled pineapple and teriyaki sauce atop beef and bacon. Complemented with a side of crunchy well flavoured wedges, it caps of a nice romantic, or classier dinner in Budapest.


Double Bacon Burger - 1690 HUF

Big Kahuna - 1890 HUF


Make it a meal +790 HUF (Fries, sauce and homemade drink)


Recommended: During, or after, a day exploring the city, resting in thermal baths, or just general sightseeing.



Hungary loves their fried cheese. Can’t say I’ve seen this much fried cheese in any other country. Budapest’s burger joint Paneer has a slogan that reads ‘The real cheeseburger’ because believe it or not, the patty is just good ol’ breaded and fried cheese between some delicious ciabatta bread, and not beef! Great alternative burger joint for vegetarians or just any cheese lover. Every burger has different cheese in it ranging from cheddar to trappist to goat cheese. Along with the different cheeses, the toppings are all different to pair just right with how strong or mild the cheese is.


And for you meat lovers out there, have no fear, some of the burgers include bacon like the Bacon Cheeseburger with breaded emmental cheese, bacon, coleslaw, tomato and a cucumber mayo sauce and even cheese stuffed chicken like the Chick ‘N’ Cheeseburger that comes with pineapple chutney, ruccola, pickles, bacon, and picante mayo.


Paneer can be found all over the city in restaurants or food trucks, and if you’re not feeling like walking, they even deliver. They have meal deals, snacks, and even homemade soda. Definitely would recommend giving this place a try. My go to is usually the classic Real Cheeseburger, but their menu has so much to offer.


The Real Cheeseburger - 1390 HUF

Bacon Cheeseburger - 1690 HUF

Chick ‘N’ Cheeseburger- 1890 HUF


Fries - 550 HUF


Make it a meal +360-460 HUF, depending on the burger (fries or coleslaw, dip, 2dl of homemade soda syrup)


Recommend: Great for lunch or dinner after a day of sightseeing or even to settle that fried food craving when you’re hungover from the pub crawl or boat party from the night before.

Market Burger

Market Burger

So Market Burger isn’t exactly a chain. But I threw it in the mix as you get a wider variety of meal choices - burgers, mexican food, a bar and cafe, and it is located in the middle of the 7th District. Plus, in a fun twist, aside from the set menu, you can build your own burger so you can have exactly what your heart desires. A basic chicken burger will easily be one of the cheapest of the aforementioned, however it can quickly get expensive depending on meat choice and toppings. I haven’t been to Market BDPST too many times as the whole decision making process while hungover is difficult at times, and when drunk it gets dangerously expensive fast as you want it all. But the fries were satisfying, nothing too special, and the burgers are well made to your choice. I don’t really have a burger to recommend as you make it yourself, but the chicken burgers can be a bit tough and chewy.


Price for 120g meat

Chicken -1200 HUF

Beef - 1300 HUF

Angus - 1800 HUF

Veggie - 1350 HUF


Sauces - 200 HUF(some free)

Extras ~300 HUF(varies from choice)

Fries - 400 HUF


Recommended: When you want to take a bit more control of your wayward life as a traveller and eat exactly what you want without having to cook it yourself.


So whether you’re  hot, hungover or hammered, you should be all set to drop your heavy backpack and between the sights and parties, be guaranteed a safe tasty feed.

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