Strip Shows

From 35000HUF (109 EUR) per Group


Good news! We're a creative bunch and we've come up with just about every possible amusing narrative involving a stripper we can think of.


For the sporty types, we can arrange for you and your mates to play a game vs some strippers, or, on your way from the airport in our minibus, you might just happen upon a (naked) lady in need of a ride.


Hungry? How about pizza delivered by, you guessed it, a stripper! Or the messy ones amongst you might enjoy a sexy room service visit.


None of that ridiculous enough? How about we 'arrest' someone from your group and deliver them blindfolded to a strip show.


Pizza Delivery Strip Show

Price Includes:

  • Sexy Pizza Delivery Girl or Guy
  • 15 Minute Dance
  • Pizza!

45000 HUF (141 EUR) for 1 person(s)

Room Service Strip Show

Price Includes:

  • Sexy Maid / Butler delivered to your door
  • 15 Minute Dance

35000 HUF (109 EUR) for 1 person(s)

Police Arrest and Strip Show

Price Includes:

  • Fake Police Arrest
  • 15 Minute Show

60000 HUF (188 EUR) for 1 person(s)

Limousine Airport Transfer with Hitch Hiker Strip Show

Price Includes:

  • Limousine Airport Transfer
  • 2 Bottles of Champagne
  • Pick up a very grateful Hitch Hiker along the way!

120000 HUF (375 EUR) for 1 person(s)

Football Vs Topless FC

Price Includes:

  • 2 x 15min Matches (or 1 x 30min Match)
  • 5 Topless Girls to play against
  • Indoor Pitch Rental

300000 HUF (938 EUR) for 1 person(s)

Total price: 0 HUF