Escape Rooms

From 6000HUF (15 EUR) per Person


Ideal for groups of 4+ guests
Available Times: Day | Evening | Night

Escape Rooms - the next big thing in non-alcohol related fun - were invented here in Budapest, and we're giving you and your friends the chance to try one for yourself.

You'll be 'locked' in a room, with nothing but a string of cryptic clues and 1 hour to find your way out. This might sound weird until you realize that the rooms are all themed around a mystery story and the clues are sufficiently hard enough that you'll need to work as a team to solve them.

We have 7 rooms to choose from, each varying in difficulty including rooms where you can race against each other, and an all new Game of Thrones themed room!:
- The Cathedral
- The Shogun’s Shadow
- The Time Machine
- Pirate Bay
- The Iron Throne
- The Pharaoh’s Burial Chamber (2 Teams)
- The Tower of Wollongong (2 Teams)

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Escape Room

  • English Speaking Guide
  • Team of up to 8 people or go Head to Head (min. 6 people)
  • 1 Hour Time Limit
22000 HUF (55 EUR) for 1 person(s)
Total price: 0 HUF
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