City Walking Tour

From 2500HUF (8 EUR) per Person


Ideal for groups of 10+ guests
Available Times: Day | Evening | Night

The humble city tour - that thing you kinda feel like you have to go on, to like ‘do the cultural’ bit like,
but you’re not really feeling it are you?

Because you got drunk last night didn’t you?

Well never fear! Our guide will at least make it interesting, and dare we say funny - with witty anecdotes, interspersed with just the interesting facts you’ll want to hear and remember. We also offer this tour in many languages.

And, like the kind souls we are, we’ll be sure to point out some bars along the way as well - that way you'll learn at least a few 'useful' things!

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English, French, German, Spanish, Italian Language

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian Language

25000 HUF (78 EUR) for 1 person(s)

Specialist Language Tour

Specialist Language Tour

30000 HUF (94 EUR) for 1 person(s)
Total price: 0 HUF
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