Bubble Football

From 12000HUF (38 EUR) per Person


Ideal for groups of 6+ guests
Available Times: Day | Evening | Night

Football - or should we say soccer - is too easy you know.

You've probably been playing it since school. Kick the ball around a bit, get it in the net. Done. So why not make it more interesting by making everyone climb inside their own inflatable bubble before taking to the field. That way
everyone can smash into each other and roll around without the risk of getting hurt.

And there you have it folks - bubble football. If you want to play it during your wild weekend we'll provide the transfers, kit, the ball and a referee so you can engage in a friendly game or two. You can even play your own music should you have any ideas as to what might suit this hilarious scene and unlimited beers!

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Bubble Football

  • English Speaking Guide
  • Referee
  • Ball and Team Bibs
  • Return Transfers
  • Unlimited Beer
78000 HUF (244 EUR) for 1 person(s)


  • for 30000 HUF (94 EUR)
Total price: 0 HUF
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